Three Tall Women

By her several creations, the stage director Ramunė Kudzmanaitė has already proved being able to tell persuasively and with sensibility women’s stories. The women she shows are proud, sometimes eccentric, sometimes insupportable, but all of them hide inside of their hearts an unfulfilled tenderness and an infinite and thoughtless desire of love.

Kudzmanaitė, who had already staged some plays at the Small Theatre of Vilnius before, has chosen this time a play of the classical American playwright, Edward Albee, whose theatre is abundant in curious and spectacular feminine characters. “Three tall women”, a play which was granted with the Pulitzer Prize, was called by American critics one of the most emotional play of this dramaturge. This play takes a sharp, rigorous and at the same compassion and comprehensiveness - inciting look at the itinerary of life a human completes from the birth to his last days (…). It also talks about a passionate meeting of a human with his declining life and approaching death.

All of the best plays of Albee balance between a dense realism and a black comedy. “Three tall women” also open by a realistic conversation of three women belonging to different generations and who meet in the room of the hospital. All of them suffer some crisis which is shaking their personal lives, and talk about their hard feelings and despairs which - as it is characteristic to the style of the dramaturge – are represented with a sharp and poignant irony.

In the second part of the play, the actresses are acting different periods of the same woman’s life. Their quarrels turn here into intimate conversations about life, love and an inevitability of loss.

In the realization of Kudzmanaitė, the sobriety and the presentiment of the end of life though are drowned by a quiet shinning of eternity. “I am not interested in a theatre which is centered round the superficial problems of our today’s reality. In my performances, I seek to talk about the things that are eternal – such as the pain of human’s soul, or longing for some light, or the attempts to resist to the daily round and course of time and especially – the searching for the sense in the critical situations of human’s life. “Three tall woman” of Albee appear unfamiliar to the times we live. Perfect classical form of this play contains the concentration of nostalgia for perfection and the passion of life, things which in the face of death appear being worthless illusion,” – says Ramunė Kudzmanaitė.

The main character of “Three tall woman” is created by the prima donna of the Lithuanian theatre, Aldona Janušauskaitė. Stage director Kudzmanaitė is convinced that “this actress who is one of the most unique stars of the Lithuania theatre has enriched the realization of “Three tall women” by attention to each word, each emotion and to each thought, and thus she has given a new quality for the common work”. An old, fractious and arrogant matron as she is at first sight, this more than 90 years age women appears being very sensible and charming by her strength and patience, and who with all her efforts tries to fight an approaching nothingness. 

Two other actresses, Larisa Kalpokaitė and Gintarė Latvėnaitė, equal Aldona Janushauskaitė on the stage. The two of them telle the stories of their personages as passionately as Janushauskaitė does.