The Tales of the Old Chest

The creation - with no means and on the empty stage - of the entire world, which would be governed not only by miracles, witchcrafts and abracadabra, but also by true and unfeigned relations, revealed itself to be a really serious task for the actors who had to recur and to put to use all their reserves of creativity and of diligence.

Each actor has chosen a single Italian, Russian, Lithuanian or Lettonian tale and became its narrators and personages at the same time.

The actors are able to change instantly, so that the devil pulling a wry face turns in one instant to the fresh-faced prince, the old man becomes straw and the old woman – shoe of straws. There is any foul subterfuge, the actors do not use any sophisticated means neither effects. Only the witchcrafts of theatre are applied in this representation: light and on improvisations based acting, comprehension of the partner and of the audience, and finally, live singing.

By the way, three of four tales talk about love. And the manner used by actors to talk to children about this feeling is far to be primitive…